Futsal Premier League 2021

NRF Futsal Premier League 2021


All matches will be held at Pulman Arena (Takanini, Auckland 2112)​​​​​​​

Match Days/Times

The first kick-off will be at 9 am and the last game finishes at 6 pm. Teams will play two games between these times.

  • Gameday 1 - Sunday 14th February,  2 games per team
  • Gameday 2 - Sunday 21st February,  2 games per team
  • Gameday 3 - Sunday 7th March,  2 games per team
  • Finals Gameday - Sunday 14th March,  1 game 

The Teams

  • North Harbour – Coached by Sam Coyle
  • The City – Coached by Nic Downes
  • Eastlands – Coached by Ben Hill
  • Westlands – Coached by Sam Masterson
  • The South – Coached by Jet Lim
  • The Coast – Coached by Mario Ramos

Why is the NRF FPL happening?

The NRF Futsal Draft is occurring to create a competitive competition for senior futsal players in our region. The FPL format is used to spread players across teams, creating a level and balanced competitive competition for all.

There will be 72 players drafted across 6 teams, but there is no limit on how many can register. The competition is for females and males. Players must be aged 16 years or over.   

How does the Draft work?

Each team must have a total of 12 players on their squad (2 goalkeepers). There can be a maximum of four players from a single 2020 SuperLeague squad.

  • Players who are not drafted can choose to be classed as Emergency Players.
  • Emergency Players can be called into action to replace any player who suffers an injury, or illness but will only be available for that team for the remainder of the competition.
  • Emergency players “buy out” the remaining games from the player they are replacing

Player Registration - Monday 18th January to Friday 29th January

The cost to enter the draft will be $120 per player. If not drafted the player will be refunded.

Registrations are now CLOSED

At the completion of the player registration window, coaches will be provided with a full list of every player who has registered for the Futsal Draft.

Player ID Games

Registered players will be able to attend Player ID Games which will be filmed and provided to coaches before the Draft. This is not compulsory but will provide an opportunity for the coaches to see you play.

  • The Peak, Hamilton | 4 – 5.30 pm, Sunday 31st January
  • Te Pai Centre, Netball Waitakere | 6.30 – 8.00 pm, Monday 1st February


Following the Player Draft, the coaches can trade players until the Official Team Rosters are confirmed.

  • Any trade must involve the same number of players coming in as the number of players going out.
  • Multi-team trades are allowed.
  • Players can be on-traded.

Official Rosters Confirmed – Wednesday 10th February

NRF will announce the Official Team Rosters and the list of Emergency Players for the NRF FPL competition.

Competition Format 

The format will be as follows:

  • Single round robin
  • 5th/6th placing, Semi Finals, 3rd/4th placing, Grand Final.
  • Four matchdays where a total of six or seven games per team will take place.

Match Days/Times

The first kick off will be at 9 am and the last game finishes at 6 pm. Teams will play two games between these times.

  • Sunday 14th February, Pulman Arena | 2 games
  • Sunday 21st February, Pulman Arena or The Peak | 2 games
  • Sunday 7th March, Pulman Arena | 2 games
  • Sunday 14th March, Pulman Arena | 1 game

Who is the General Manager?

Mark Atkins will be the General Manager for the NRF FPL 2021.

How will the coaches be appointed?

The coaches will be approached and appointed with consultation from the relevant Federations.

When will the draft be held and will it be broadcast?

The draft will be broadcast on Tuesday 9th February.

2021's Draft will take place on Tuesday February 9 at 7pm
Head to www.youtube.com/NRFTV to view the draft taking place.