Weir Rose Bowl Squads Named

Eairler today, Northern Football Federation announced the teams that will represent the Federation at the prestigious 2017 Weir Rose Bowl tournament at St Peters School, Cambridge from 7-9 October. The tournament for U12 Boys & Girls is named after prominent Auckland football administrator Tom Weir who donated the Weir Rose Bowl trophy in 1954.

The tournament is for players from Northern Football, Auckland Football and WaiBOP Football and provides an excellent development opportunity for these players as they progress along the New Zealand football talent pathway.

The Weir Rose Bowl tournament not only provides opportunities for young players but also for young aspiring referees. A Referee Academy runs alongside the tournament with the young referees officiating the games and being coached and assessed throughout the three days.

This year there has been a change in our selection process now we don’t run weekly Talent Centre sessions, however our staff attended many 11th, 12th and 13th grade games during the season to identify players as well as holding four sessions for 11th and 12th grade players during Term 2 and Term 3 which helped with our selections. Northland continued with their weekly Talent Centre sessions and the teams were selected from this programme.

Other changes to the tournament will see the Girls tournament mirroring the boys to play a 9 v 9 format in line with our Federations move from 7 v 7 to 9 v 9 at 11th and 12th grade.

Another change for the 2017 Weir Rose Bowl is aimed at leveling the playing field across the competitions. Both Northern Football and WaiBOP Football are selecting their squads based on Date Of Birth, this is with the hope of limiting the effects of relative age and give all players an equal opportunity regardless of the month they were born. At the tournament, teams will then split into two pool’s of the oldest players and youngest players.

NFF Firebirds
Stevie Lee Burnside (GK), Hayley Harris, Alexis Cook, Emilie Gordon, Brooke James, Hilary Halpin, Kyla Porteous, Tanaia Herniman, Danielle Canham, Daisy Tucker, Stella Dearlove, Jessica Smith. Coach: Hayley Stirling

NFF Flames
Ella McPherson (GK), Sophie Thompson, Mikayla Suluape, Allie Spear, Anjelina Udjur, Danielle Pattimore, Kortni Waikiki, Isabel Winn, Ruby Luxton, Ariana Jones, Catherine Smith, Charlotte Smith. Coach: Estelle Harrison

NFF Fusion
Rosie Gudopp (GK), Lucy Hollister, Maia Lythe, Eva Dykgraaf, Summer Lehndorf, Molly Richmond, Emily Lyon, Leyla Butler, Amanda Everett, Jorja Smith, Mckenzie Longmuir, Amy O’Regan. Coach: Sam Tawharu

Northland Fury
Bethany Maltby (GK), Jess Andrews, Jessica Pickery, Holly Pickery, Elliott Croasdale, Ashley Kandory, Aimee Lindsay, Pearl Lyon, Faith Allen, Emma Wainwright, Madison Wainwright, Amber West. Coach: Kezia Singleton

NFF United
Jesse Baird (GK), Matt Beaton, Codey Phoenix, Taine Bracken, Finlay Janes, Declan Pickstock, Daniel Morgan, Ian Lim, Mateo Roa, Luka Langenbach, Jasper Watson, Woody Lynskey. Coach: Nathan Cranney

NFF City
Benny Davis (GK), Keegan Kelly, Dominic Hawkins, James Marshall, David Yoon, Matthew Knight, Nick Gaze, Nick Petherick, Ikjun Cho, Krishnil Chandra, Logan Routledge, Sam Camelbeke. Coach: Jack Caunter

NFF Rovers
Sam Kay (GK), Benji McCarthy, Finn McKenlay, Nathan Pepper, Ben Forde, Tyler Wells, Brendan Acfield, Thomas Barnett, Stuart Laming, James Edgeler, Shivam Nair, Jack Gillum. Coach: Liam Sands

Northland Albion
Cole Harley (GK), Max Diamond, Neo Eckstein, Liam Cocker, Sam Hewson, Rico Margison, Reuben Nemeroff, Rihley Svenson, Flynn Venmore, Andre von Calustre, Jackson West, Ryan Whitehead. Coach: Mike Haddleton

Additional NFF Staff Attending: Martin Bullock, Mel Giles, Darren Bazeley, Korouch Monsef & Dan Johnston