Rood looking to seize opportunity

Recently crowned the highest goal scorer in Women’s Knock-Out Cup history, Katie Rood is looking to take her footballing career to the next level with what could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

On Sunday, Rood boarded a plane on a one way ticket headed for Italy where she has been offered the opportunity to trial for a professional contract with Juventus as they look to launch their Women’s Team.

Before she left, we had a chance to catch up with her about this opportunity and her football career so far.

NFF: “Katie, your heading off on a bit of an experience, can you tell us about the opportunity that is sitting in front of you?”
Katie: “Yep, I’m off to Europe to try and get a professional contract. I have bought a one way ticket and I am hoping to stay over there till I get something secured”

NFF: “Have you got anything lined up for yourself?”
Katie: “I have got a trial at Juventus which includes two days of testing and then eight days in a training camp up in the mountains of Italy. So it should be quite an experience.”

NFF: “Amazing! So is the hope to try and sign in Italy or use this as a base to find other opportunities?”
Katie: “Absolutely, Its their first launch of a Women’s team and the Italian league has grown quite significantly as women’s football has across the globe so I think it would be a good place to start, get a foot in the door and see how we go from there. “

NFF: “You started playing football around the age of eight, how has the journey been since starting out in Northland?”
Katie: “Yeah, it’s been a wild ride. I grew up playing heaps of sports but it got to a point where football just took over. That’s where the passion was and once i started watching it a bit more and really getting in to it, my love for the game grew and I wanted to pursue it as far as possible.”

NFF: “Do you have any highlights that stand out from your time within the Federation?”
Katie: “Yeah, firstly getting promoted into the NRFL Premier League with North Force, I think that this achievement was pretty unexpected by everyone and we were able to surprise a few of the better teams. Also heaps of highlights with Glenfield, the Knock-Out Cup a few times and winning the league were all great mements. And then winning a few National Championships with Northern as well.

NFF: “Do you see this opportunity in Italy as a catalyst to try and break into the Fern’s”?
Katie: “Yeah, it will hopefully help with more opportunities to play both with and against better players. I achieved all that I could in NZ but the opportunity to play in the Champions League is a dream of mine, you simply can’t do that in New Zealand. Being seen by more people, regularly, and on a bigger stage, hopefully that will reflect back to the coaches in NZ.”

NFF: “Is there anyone who has had a major influence on your career?”
Katie: “Coaches are the first ones to come to mind.  Ann O’Brien, Adam Hayne, Craig Alexander and Andy Clay. They have helped guide me over the years to become the player and person that I am today. And also Chris Johns from Physio by Design who has helped keep my body together and build my confidence. My parents and friends of course. As well as all the team mates I have had the opportunity to share the dressing room and field with. Without their passion and support I would not love the game as much as I do.”

NFF: “Good luck for the trial and we look forward to seeing how this opportunity unfolds for you. We have our fingers and toes crossed!”
Katie: “Thank you, and I’ll make sure I keep in touch!”