Referee Development

Northern Football continues to develop and invest in opportunities for Referees to move through the New Zealand Football Referee’s Pathway.

We utilise the various National Age Group Tournaments to provide intensive coaching and refereeing to help referees fulfill their potential and achieve their goals.

While Female and Youth referees are a focus, we also recognise the mature parents, players and ex-players make up a significant portion of our Referee Community and ensure we offer them the same opportunities for development.


Programme Resources

Referee Apparel

Northern Football referees now have the option of purchasing apparel via Football World.

  • NFF Joma or NZF Lotto shirts are to be worn for all games
  • Black shorts and socks with no/minimal branding must be worn for all games – the preference would be for either Joma or Lotto brands to be worn
  • A black polo will be provided to all NFF Referees that have registered and paid for the 2017 season. We will shortly contact all registered referees to obtain your shirt size.

Should you have any queries regarding apparel – please contact Chris Casey

Referee Fitness Test Criteria

Basic Referee (Sprints 40 metres in under 7 seconds-6 repetitions. 75/25 run/walk 20 seconds/20 seconds-40 repetitions.

Advanced Referee (Sprints 6.5/ Repetitions 17/20)

  • Premier Referees: Sprints 6.0 / Repetitions 15/18 – Mandatory to pass
  • Premier Assistant Referees: Sprints 6.2 / Repetitions 15/20) – Mandatory to pass
  • Premier Women Referees: Sprints 6.5 / Repetitions 17/22) – Mandatory to pass
  • Premier Women Assistant Referees: Sprints 6.5 / Repetitions 17 / 22 – Mandatory
  • L4 Field Test Aspirants – Men: Sprints 6.2 / Repetitions 15/22) – Mandatory to pass
  • L4 Field Test Aspirants – Women: Sprints 6.6 / Repetitions 17 / 24) – Mandatory to pass
  • 1st Division Referees: Sprints 6.1 / Repetitions 15 / 20) – Mandatory to pass
  • 2nd Division Referees: Sprints 6.1 / Repetitions 15/20) – Mandatory to pass
  • Reserve Leagues: Sprints 6.2 / Repetitions 15/22)


harcourtscooperco-logoNorthern Football would like to thank our Referee sponsor Harcourts Cooper & Co