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Referee Meeting Changes for 2017

Following the feedback we received from the survey sent out there will be a few changes next year to encourage more people to attend meetings. We will continue to use Takapuna Cricket Club as our base for the… [more]

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Referees are an integral part of the football family and their performance is crucial to the the development of the game in New Zealand and within the Northern Football Federation.

“Once you have done one of our Referee Course, we don’t just leave you alone. We make sure senior officials always attend a new or younger officials games, not only as a support person but also a face they recognise. We are a team and we are there to support each other”. – Kevin Stoltenkamp


Please put in your 2017 diary that we will be having preseason sessions that will cover the new Laws Of The Game for 2017, re-accreditation for those that need it, Respect the Referee campaign and Health and Safety requirements for referees.

  • Monday 20th February 7.00pm West Auckland venue to be confirmed.
  • Tuesday 21st February 7.00pm North Shore venue to be confirmed.

If you wish to officiate in 2017 you will need to attend one of these sessions. We will send out reminders and confirmation of venues before the end of the year.

Referee’s Week 2016

Northlands Youngest Referee

As a growing footballer (12th grade this year) Rhys wanted to know the laws of the game better to help improve the way he played the… [more]

Peter O’Leary’s FIFA Milestone Donation

Peter O’Leary, one of New Zealands most decorated referee’s is moving from Whangarei to Whakatane. but before leaving he donated something very special to the Northland Referee’s… [more]

NFF Referees Advisory Group (NFFRC)

The Referees Committee is responsible for the stewardship and future well-being of refereeing throughout our District. The NFFRC meets monthly and currently comprises the following individuals:

  • Kevin Turnock – Chair
  • Steven Fletcher
  • Chris Casey
  • Jeff Dyer
  • Santi Vega

NFF Life Members

Congratulation to the following members of the NFF Referee Community who were elected as Life Members of the Federation at the 2015 AGM

  • Barry Chappell
  • Rudi Hoffman
  • Stephen Fletcher


If Harcourts Cooper & Co was a football team we think we’d be pretty successful. We pride ourselves on doing a number of key things each and every day that many successful sports teams also do.  We are committed to teamwork in the pursuit of our goals.  We are outcome-orientated and thrive in a competitive environment.  We train regularly to ensure that we’re constantly developing and exercising the skills necessary to be at the top of our game. We never get complacent – in fact no matter how well we have performed we always strive to do better.

And, like the NFF referees we so proudly support, we understand the importance of structure, order, making the right decisions and following the rules.  And we never forget to celebrate our successes with our clients and our community like any team scoring a goal does – mind you, our celebrating doesn’t involve quite as much hugging and jumping on each other as football does.

We are so committed to the NFF, and specifically the referees,  that we have a special deal going where we will donate $1,000 to them for every referral to Kyle Zhu from our Sunnynook office that results in a successful listing and sale of the property.  For more details or talk to Kyle today on 021 748 986

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