Northern’s New Head Coach Keen to Highlight Opportunities

Northern Football have appointed Hayley Stirling as its National Women’s League head coach for the upcoming 2017 season.

With the current format of the league remaining identical to 2016, Stirling will be keen to expand on the progress made last season with regards to regional involvement from both players and staff.

Stirling who is currently only one of only two female A License coaching candidates has spent much of the winter season scouting players throughout the northern region with the aim of inviting an extended training squad into a preseason training camp prior to selecting a final squad which will compete in the National Women’s League.

Stirling Said: “It’s a great opportunity for me to be involved with the National League side at Northern, and I’m looking forward to working with the players and building on the environment that has been implemented here over the years. There’s a good pool of players and coaches in our clubs that are capable of continuing to support and perform at this level so I’m aiming to strengthen those connections and relationships.”

Hayley Stirling on her recent appointment as Northern’s Head coach for the 2017 National Women’s League.

After a season which did not involve playoff matches in 2016, Northern Football will be highly motivated to reach this stage in 2017.

Stirling said: “It’s important that we have the aspirations to make the playoff rounds of the league. We have to make sure we consider the development facets of our players, but at the end of the day this is the National League and striving to be part of the business end of the competition is a no brainer. Northern Football Federation have achieved some fantastic results in the past and I’m keen to do what I can to add to that history.”

Stirling will be looking at pulling the extended training squad together in early September ahead of of the league kicking off in October.

Hayley Stirling’s schedule of matches that she will be attending ahead of the 2017 National Women’s League:

  • 18 June: Glenfield Rovers vs Forrest Hill Milford
  • 02 July: Glenfield Rovers vs Norwest United
  • 07 July: Western Springs vs Forrest Hill Milford
  • 09 July: Northland FC vs Claudelands Rovers
  • 16 July: Forrest Hill Milford vs Northland FC
  • 23 July: Norwest United vs Claudelands Rovers
  • 28 July: Forrest Hill Milford vs Norwest United
  • 30 July: Glenfield Rovers vs Eastern Suburbs
  • 06 August: Glenfield Rovers vs Northland FC
  • 18 August: Western Springs vs Norwest United.