Harbour/Waitakere Cancellations

Any cancellations will be posted by 8:00am

Northland Cancellations

  • Decisions will be made by 7am for junior cancellations.
  • More FM will broadcast football cancellations along with any other sports cancellations. They receive junior cancellations by 7am.
  • Clubs will be sent a text by Dave Alabaster to your Cancellation contact person by 7am.
  • Your Club Cancellation person will then send a text to all club coaches, who will pass the message onto parents/players.
  • If you don’t hear from your club, assume the game is on.
  • There is no longer a message on the Northland Office phone. If you require confirmation on any games please phone Christina on 09 437 7294 or 021 795 074 or Dave on 021 795 073.

Cancellation Process

Northern Football Federation (NFF) works with clubs and on the advice of junior, youth and senior club coordinators as well as referees to gather information on whether to postpone matches.

Following the receipt of weekend ground restriction information from councils on a Friday afternoon, fixtures and changes are confirmed and posted on the NFF website and Social Media after 3:00pm. Grounds closures are generally not made by councils on Saturday mornings.

On match day, The responsibility sits with the parents/referees/clubs to assess the weather conditions and make a call on player safety.

On the call of the club co-ordinator/coaches/referees on site games can be abandoned due to weather conditions or ground playability. If a match is abandoned for any reason please advise the host club who must notify NFF.

In the event of serve weather conditions NFF may make a blanket cancellation but these are rarely used. Localised cancellations may be made if localised weather affects playing conditions.
If a blanket cancellation is made, Club co-ordinators will be advised to contact their coaches, managers, parents and players. Notifications will also be posted on the NFF website and Facebook Page.

Please consider all fixtures as on, unless you are contacted by your club/coach or listed here as cancelled/changed. It pays to check these on both Friday afternoon and Saturday Morning.
Note: NFF do not use Radio for cancellations in Auckland

If you have any further questions regarding the cancellation/postponement process contact Aidan Wong for juniors and youth and Terry Hobin for seniors.


I can’t see this week’s draw, is it up yet?
If you can’t see your team’s game(s) for this weekend, make sure that the right date is showing above the draw. Some browsers, particularly mobile, will revert to an earlier week.

The Council’s website says the ground is closed, but our game is still on according to your website – which one is correct?
Please use our website for information on your games and ground availability. Councils hand the grounds over to us on a Friday afternoon with any necessary restrictions and we adjust the draws accordingly. We will make another call on Saturday morning taking in to account any overnight changes or weather conditions.

My game is still on according to the website, is this correct?
Check our Facebook Page to make sure we haven’t made any mass cancellations. We announce these on Facebook first and then contact all clubs regarding the changes as it takes some time to update details for all the games we have scheduled. If there is nothing to this effect on Facebook, and we’ve announced there are no further changes, then yes, your game is still on. We suggest you also check with your coach/club if you are unsure.

Our game is on turf, why has it been cancelled?
There are a number of reasons why a game on turf may be cancelled, this includes: other games in the grade can’t be moved from grass to turf so the entire grade has been cancelled/postponed or it could have been cancelled/postponed in an attempt to ensure interruptions across the season are shared around teams or grades.

Your Facebook announcement says all games in my grade are cancelled, does that mean games in all areas?
Yes, if the announcement says, for example, all 9th-11th grade football is cancelled, then all games in those grades, regardless of which area (Harbour & Waitakere), are cancelled. If the cancellation is for Northland, this will be specifically mentioned in the announcement.